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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds offer the ability to create a play of light or complete privacy, depending on how you choose to construct the panel. When they are lowered/lifted, they operate by unfolding/folding. This creates a more aesthetically pleasing look to a room when compared to roller blinds. Roman blinds offer the same fundamental functions as roller blinds with some extra features. Because of this, the resulting structure creates a beautiful feature whether fully dropped, or retracted. Further to this, they are often constructed with top end fabrics as they are considered a high-end product. Get in touch for more information.

Perfect For Small Windows

Roman blinds can be fitted on the outside of the widows recess. This means it creates a great option for small windows. When we have a small window in our homes, they can steal focus. By choosing to mount a Roman blind outside the recess of the window, you can create a beautiful feature of your small opening while creating privacy. This can then be opened to utilise the light as and when you desire. The folding effect when lifted will create a nice effect and feature when opened up.

Texture & Pattern

The quality of the material used when using Roman blinds is of high quality. This not only provides durability. It also provides you with great hues, textures, and patterns. We can help you create a subtle install as well as a feature that pops.

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